Basic Rendering 3, available in the 向日葵视频app下载无限观看 store, continues where part 2 left off.  We'll explore the process of adding realism to your imaginary forms, and steps to improve your grayscale rendering.  The series focuses on fundamental skills and theory that apply to concept art, illustration, and painting in general.  



One approach for detail is to use photographic overlays.  Basic rendering 3 shies away from this method, focusing instead on hand-painting techniques.  Though commercial work often involves photo-overlay as a time-saving technique, it's important to learn the manual method first.


Just watching isn't enough.  To practice your new skills, this series includes a variety of study sheets and PSD files.  These provided homework assignments aren't glamorous, but they're important for mastering the basics.  

AuthorMatt Kohr