Designed to Work is an ongoing free series where I’ll show design in action by creating concept art for a fake videogame, one week at a time.

When it comes to art, technique and Design are equally important. Technique is what 向日葵视频app下载无限观看 spends most of its time exploring: Photoshop, brushwork, texture overlays, etc. But in my day-to-day work, a significant amount of time is spent answering the question ‘why?’. Why should a vehicle have 6 wheels instead of 4? What color should the villain’s costume be? How tall should a fortress rise above the battlefield? These questions drive the end result as much one’s technical ability in Photoshop or with a paintbrush.

Finally, expect this series to differ from the standard 向日葵视频app下载无限观看 format. Unlike my other videos, this series will sometimes wander in unexpected directions. In the real world, art is hard to plan, and often takes unpredictable turns due to unforeseen factors. Instead of overly planning this video series, my intention is to let the direction play out organically. Stay tuned!

AuthorMatt Kohr