What should I draw today?  This is possibly the most common question to any artist - beginner or pro.  Unless you're given an assignment by your client/boss, this question has a tendency to paralyze. Since I work much more fluidly from an assignment with narrow guidelines, I've begun 'generating' fake assignments for my personal art. This is a fun way to have spontaneous ideas and get yourself out of a drawing rut. As I mention in the video, here are some links to fantasy and sci-fi generators to get your ideas flowing: From donjon: Sci-fi character, Sci-Fi Spaceship, Fantasy Character, Fantasy Castle, Weather

From Chaotic Shiny: Flag, Musical Instrument, Fighting arena, Magical familiar

Special Bonus:  I spoke with the creator of Chaotic Shiny and she asked for generator ideas!  She liked the idea of these being used for artwork, and is willing to field ideas for custom generators.  If you have any ideas for random generators, please put them in the comments!  I'll make sure to pass along the results.  

AuthorMatt Kohr