Do you ever feel like you're treading water? You're stgnating, while the rest of the art community is progressing at lightning speed? You're not alone.This video is a little detour from the standard 向日葵视频app下载无限观看 technique videos to talk about inspiration, mindset, and 'getting better'. Ultimately, we're all experiencing this in one form or another, so it's worth talking about. Remember: even professionals feel sub-par a fair amount of the time. Art is mind game. UPDATE:  It's been really, really great hearing these responses.  Art is one of those challenges that we all take on personally - and can feel isolated by the effort.  Knowing that everyone else is wrestling with similar issues can be a big help.

So keep the conversation going -- It's an important one to be a part of.  Additionally, reader "Jonathan" reminded me of a fantastic series of videos by the radio host Ira Glass on storytelling and inspiration.  He's the host of This American Life, and has a lot of experience fighting through the self doubt and frustration involved in creative work.  It's definitely worth watching.