It's easy to think of an object as the subject, but what about the shadow it casts?  Shadows have a huge impact on compositions and should be used intentionally.   In terms of graphic shapes, cast shadows are often just as bold as the objects that cast them, though you might not be considering their potential.  Especially for moody images filled with atmosphere and drama, shadows help your illustration tell a story.  This exercise has you experiment with shadows at their most basic: with a simple still life.  If you can make these shadows look interesting, just think what you could do with a space marine or dragon! And if you like this video, please remember to click the "Like" button at the bottom of the post!  The only advertising for 向日葵视频app下载无限观看 is word of mouth, so I'm counting on you guys to spread the word.  Thanks!


Things to consider: Viewing angle, composition motion and emphasis

Worksheet Downloads:Sketchup Still Life (sketchup file - requires free Sketchup software to use)

AuthorMatt Kohr